No: 95, 25 May 2024, Regarding 25 May Africa Day

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 25.05.2024

We sincerely congratulate all our African friends on the occasion of 25 May Africa Day, which marks the 61st anniversary of the foundation of the African Union, that symbolizes the ideal of an integrated African continent and the desire to live together in tolerance.

Our relations with the African continent and African countries, whose strategic importance is increasing each passing day and who represent the conscience of international community on various issues of global scale, are conducted in a holistic, institutional, and systematic framework, based on the principles of mutual respect and equality. The main objective of our cooperation with African countries is to ensure that peace, stability, and development take root throughout Africa.

Türkiye will continue to support the continent and the countries therein to help make their voice heard stronger, one that is nourished by the principles of justice and equality.

Within the perspective of the future vision of Türkiye-Africa Strategic Partnership, which is now in its 16th year, the Third Türkiye-Africa Ministerial Review Conference envisaged to be held during autumn 2024 will contribute to addressing all aspects of our cooperation with the contient and further deepening it.

Happy Africa Day!


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