Kiev Büyükelçiliği 05.01.2016

Beginning from the 5th of January 2016, all kinds of applications for Turkish visas will have to be made through the Pre-Application System of Turkish Sticker Visa or online.

Following the online application, at the appointed day and time the applicants should apply to the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey to complete the procedures including submission of their visa application forms duly signed and their passports as well as original copies of the application documents that have been already uploaded on the system.

Besides, the article 15, of the law No: 6458 “About foreigners and international defense” says that Turkish visa cannot be issued to people who doesn’t have Travel Medical Insurance which is valid for the whole period of staying in Turkey. That is why every Applicant who applies to the Consulate needs to provide valid Travel Medical Insurance. Those Applicants who applies for Work Permit visa category will be provided a Travel Medical Insurance by their Employer.

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